Revision – JEE-2011

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Dear VMC Students (ECC/Regular),

For the revision of all the course done till TS-3, we would like our students to revise all the tests (TS and 3HRT) conducted by VMC. Every VMC student is required to solve the following tests :

3HRT4, 3HRT3, 3HRT2, 3HRT1, TS-3(I&II), TS-2(I&II), TS-1(I&II)

Please solve all the above tests in a separate copy. The deadline for submitting (& checking by respective VMC faculty) the same (solved attempts) is 20thMay, 2010. You are supposed to carry your attempts in the class scheduled on or around the above mentioned date.

We would also like to see a consolidated analysis for each of the test (current performance not the earlier one ). It should contain the total number of questions in the test, number of questions attempted, number of wrong questions PER SUBJECT PER TEST.

Note : No student will be given a waiver so please don’t ask whether each one of you should do it or not. EVERY STUDENT HAS TO DO THESE TESTS & SUBMIT THEM.


VMC Team

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10 Responses to “Revision – JEE-2011”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    hello i am a JEE 2010 batch student ….. i really feel that this activity can help you guys a lot … it is better if you do it now because MAYBE you wont find time for this afterwards(if you plan to procarastinate) ….. revising and grasping(consolidated learning) the concepts and tricks involved in each question given in all tests and OSEs will surely boost your rank in all competitive exams…..TRUST ME.

  2. Hey , im JEE 2010 Batch…

    Great Step…. As I always says VMC always takes right decision in right direction , always for betterment of their child and this is a marvelous step in addition to there tradition.
    JEE 2011 stdents, please take it seriously and follow VMC RELIGIOUSLY AND BLINDLY. Whatever they say must be “pathar ki lakeer” and should be followed without any If’s and But’s.

    Try to Cope with VMC….

    XYZ reply on May 3rd, 2010 10:39 pm:

    I am a student of JEE 2010 batch of VMC…

    ….also there is hardly any need to join any other Coachings test series like the FIITJEE – AITS, BMAT and all…..these are unnecesarily tough(FIITJEE) and add to you stress ….
    VMC Test series are at par with IIT-JEE ..We are grateful that our teachers are trying their best to cut down all sorts of Stress —> school , boards , what books to buy…..which Test Series’ to join…..if we still dont learn to respect it then its not a good thing . i think this is one of the unique things about VMC !!!

  3. one question.

    plz tell whether we hav 2 give analysis 4 our first(original) attempt or the current attempt.

    abc reply on May 4th, 2010 9:53 pm:

    obviously, the original one

    hb reply on May 9th, 2010 1:01 am:

    the blog says current performance and not the earlier one

  4. pheonixgirl Says:

    PPL PLEASE OBEY!!!…. its a great thing to do n also coz u have time on your side right now!!! u guys are also ahead of us(2010 batch) in terms of syllabus so go grab this opportunity ….trust me it really hurts when u dont make it… everytime i pass hauz khas(iit d area) it completely ripps my heart to see those sign boards that lead to my unfufilled dream… (excuse the sentiment)… bt really what cheers me is that i did all i could bt the circumstance wasnt right …. for u this is the perfect chance to thrash out all the problems in your attempt …i did it post jee 4 aieee as cudnt do it earlier..n it helped .. boosts ur confidence really…. ALL THE BEST!!!

  5. badiya approach very good

  6. hey i am 2010 batch student
    pakka kullu bhaiya aur vivek bhaiya ka step hai
    gud yaar
    bahut question 2011 batch waale iit mein dekhenge
    same nahin to milte julte
    vmc rocks

    ecc student reply on June 15th, 2010 9:30 pm:

    It was the idea of bade bhaiya