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Dear VMC Students,

To help you with BITSAT exam, we suggest you have a read of the followings :

100P Blog

We hope this should shed some light on the BITSAT preparation. Also, a lot of websites are available which offer free sample papers and you can go through them as well if you get a chance. Dont buy extra sample papers but if it is possible to attempt a couple of them online without any additional cost, you should go through.

VMC Team

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9 Responses to “BITSAT Tips”

  1. pheonixgirl Says:

    sir, i purchased the bitsat cd including mock test papers prepared by vidyamandir. however i wasn’t pleased to note that a large number of questions in the mock papers are based on semiconductors and communication ….however thse are out of the syll as per the recent syll prescribed by bits …..please clarify wether the syll contains these chapters or not. this will help me save a lot of time and effort and i will be able to direct my attention towards other topics that can enhance my score as i m not very strong in the above mentioned topics.

    Vaibhav reply on May 4th, 2010 3:51 pm:

    semiconductors and communication is out of syllabus. even if it was, you should concentrate on your strong topics and not on the weak ones.

    raghu nayyar reply on May 18th, 2010 3:01 pm:

    its not JEE
    all questions are coming evenly..
    its bitsat….
    u have to study all…(be it weak or strong)

    i m saying this coz my bro got around 25 questions from inorganic..they very simple but from ncert..(8 being from biomolecules)

    so its some luck to an extent..
    try to finish most of the topics…
    and those topics arent in the sllybus now

  2. kulvinder bhaiya,
    how to get hold of the old chemistry ncert?
    {for stereochemistry}

    Kulvinder Singh reply on May 5th, 2010 4:33 pm:

    I dont think that you will need the old NCERT for stereo chemistry. Whatever have been taught is more than sufficient. Only R,S configuration was not in JEE syllabus which you can have a search on internet and there are some good articles on it as well. I searched right now and found some good articles. You dont need to do more than this.

    Kulvinder Singh

  3. pheonixgirl Says:

    what is the kind of score that is needed to sail thru bitsat n get pilani? ….i am told that the cutoff itself is around 300.

  4. Ayush Jaiwal Says:

    It depends on the course you want, e.g. if you just want a B.E course in CS it requires 350+, Civil 302+, Chemical 309+, Electrical 320+, Electronics 340+, Mechanical 325+.

  5. abhimanyu Says:

    i hav gone thru the bits cd,i saw that most of the ques were of mordrn phy……shud i need to pay so mch attntion to those topics….nw as i hav my bits on 13 of may….or shud i jst revise….the thngs already done wid

  6. sir,is it possible to prepare some more practice tests for BITSAT for Chemistry and Maths,just like physics?