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Top 50 Engineering Colleges in India

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The Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and National Institute of Technology (NITs) are known to be the top ranked engineering colleges in India. Apart from these institutes, there are several other engineering colleges which are doing extremely well.

Aspirants are very often curious to know the ranks of their dream institutions. For their reference we are giving below a list of top 50 engineering colleges in India as per Data Quest 2008 survey. The following ranks have been prepared taking 6 parameters into consideration; these are – Placement, Infrastructure, Academic Environment, Industry Interface, Institute Response and HR Response.

  1. IIT-Kharagpur Kharagpur
  2. IIT-Delhi New Delhi
  3. IIT-Roorkee Roorkee
  4. IIT-Kanpur Kanpur
  5. IIT-Guwahati Guwahati
  6. IIT-Chennai Chennai
  7. IIIT-Hyderabad Hyderabad
  8. Institute of Technology Varanasi
  9. NIT-Calicut Calicut
  10. Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology New Delhi
  11. NIT-Warangal Warangal
  12. Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information Communication Technology Gandhi Nagar (Gujarat)
  13. Thapar University Patiala (Punjab)
  14. Indian Institute of Informantion Technology Allahabad
  15. Birla Institute of Technology Ranchi
  16. PSG College of Technology Coimbatore
  17. Sir M Visvesvaraya Institute of Tech Bangalore
  18. Motilal Nehru National Institute of Tech Allahabad
  19. VIT University Vellore
  20. New Horizon College of Engineering Bangalore
  21. Amrita School of Engineering Coimbatore
  22. HBTI-Kanpur Kanpur
  23. NIT-Rourkela Orissa
  24. NIT-Jamshedpur Jamshedpur
  25. Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology Delhi
  26. Manipal Institute of Technology Udupi
  27. NIT-Hamripur (HP) Hamirpur
  28. SSN College of Engineering Chennai
  29. Bharati Vidyapeth University College of Engg Pune
  30. Amity School of Engineering & Tech New Delhi
  31. Rajagiri School of Engineering & Tech Cochin
  32. PES Institute of Technology Bangalore
  33. Marathwada Institute of Technology Aurangabad
  34. Galgotia’s College of Engg & Technology Greater Noida
  35. Coimbatore Institute of Technology Coimbatore
  36. Oriental Institute of Science & Tech Bhopal (MP)
  37. Thakral College of Technology Bhopal (MP)
  38. Thiagarajar College of Engineering Madurai
  39. Babu Banarasi Das Institute of Tech Ghaziabad
  40. Kumaraguru College of Technology Coimbatore
  41. Noida Institute of Engineering & Tech Greater Noida
  42. Panimalar Engineering College Chennai
  43. NIT-Mysore Mysore
  44. Army Institute of Technology Pune
  45. Madan Mohan Malaviya Engg College Gorakhpur
  46. RNS Institute of Technology Bangalore
  47. Maharaja Surajmal Institute of Tech New Delhi
  48. Bhilai Institute of Technology Durg
  49. Bannari Amman Institute of Technology Erode District
  50. BS Abdur Rahman Crescent Engg College Chennai

Source: DataQuest 2008

Note: The ranks of the institutes given above are according to a survey conducted by DataQuest 2008. Only those institutes which have participated in the survey are ranked here. For example, IIT Bombay has not participated in the survey hence not shown in the list.

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353 Responses to “Top 50 Engineering Colleges in India”

  1. what happened to IIT Powai, MUMBAI?
    the list only includes following IITs:

    IIT-Kharagpur Kharagpur
    IIT-Delhi New Delhi
    IIT-Roorkee Roorkee
    IIT-Kanpur Kanpur
    IIT-Guwahati Guwahati

    and even the chennai one is written as IIIT, why?

  2. what about bits pilani?

    this list is totally manipulated. i cant believe that bits pilani and iitmumbai are not in the top50.

  3. how come IIT Mumbai not in the list???

  4. where is NIT-TRICHY,MIT?in the list.

  5. Even Delhi College of Engineering(DCE) is also not on the list.

  6. were is Osmania University,JNTU,CBIT,VASAVI Engineering Colleges?

    only Andhra Pradesh has got most no. of Engg Colleges than anu other state…so best will be from Hyderabad.

  7. Nitin kalra Says:

    NIT KURUKSHETRA kahan gaya????????
    list bekar hai……….

  8. Hey!

    I think the list these guys have published is from DataQuest and according to me, that should not be a very dependable source to look into.

    I think the blog owner or Administrator should publish another list from a good dependable source. I just read an article yesterday in Education Times and the list looked pretty much validated to me.

    I would request the same to published, so that students like me can see their college in the list and not feel dejected.


  9. where is IIT mumbai? and what about BITS, pilani campus? and even PEC chandigarh hasn’t been included?

  10. paritosh mittal Says:

    are IIT mumbai kahan gaya???????????????

  11. wer is GITAM UNIVERSITY>>>tis list screws….!!!!without GITAM how can ter be a list????????????lolzzzz…..

  12. i proud to be the part of bannari amman instutute of technology.we deserve to be in this top 50.

  13. arey yaar…yeh list lund si hai…..nit trichy nahi hai….
    iit bombay, bits bhi nahi hai….
    nitc warangal se upar hai….psg 16 pe hai….vit 20 pe hai….both these collges shud nt be in topt 20…psg shud nt be in topp 50….

    vit sucks…it cant be in top 20….yeh bangalore ke 2 lund se college top 20 mein…..
    arey ye list ekdum bakwas hai…..

  14. hey guys,chill out….
    the reason why BITS-pilani is not here is because they have decided not to participate in all these ridiculous rankings,which are obviously not decided on real parameters{hope all of u understand},,,

    moreover IIT-powai and IIT-madras are also said to have followed suit as they are also against the ridiculous procedures adopted to determine rankings…..

    apart from these well known colleges some other colleges are also said to have opted out of rankings{had read an article on net abt this abt a month ago}

  15. “Chitkara Institute of Engineering and Technology was Ranked 49th in the “Top 50 Private Engineering Institutions” in the country by MINT (Hindustan Times – Cfore survey for the year 2008-09.”

  16. Mohammed Wasif M Says:

    I am very much happy to see the list. Our college, Panimalar is part of top 50. We deserve it. Thanks for the list, I felt so good after seeing the list. I am proud of my college. ‘Panimalar Rocks’

  17. What about the new iits like iit rajasthan,punjab etc????
    which one would be better getting into a new iit or NIT Trichi or warangal.
    pls reply..

  18. Where is BITS,NIT Trichy….??/
    This ranking is not true at all.The rankings are totally wrong and i would like u to not follow these rankings.

  19. danish zafar Says:

    private college wala sab paisa khilaya hoga

  20. read it completely Says:

    Hey guys and gals…just cool down..only those colleges that have participated have been included…If sachin dint play in a match you cannot expect him to win the man of the match award…………SO PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE CAREFULLY BEFORE JUMPING TO CONCLUSIONS…if your college name is no tthere – either it is not good enough to be in the top 50 or it dint participate! OK?

  21. Pankaj Kumar Says:

    Fake Fake Fake Fake Fake Fake Fake Fake Fake Fake Fake Fake Fake Fake Fake Fake Fake Fake Fake Fake Fake Fake Fake Fake

    many colleges shown in the rank are muck like BBD, AMITY .

  22. yashwanth Says:

    nit surathkal aur nit trichy kaha gaya u ranked calicut as 9 th and every body knows that nit surathkal and nit trichy are far better than nit calicut
    dont post these types of fake ranking

  23. yashwanth Says:

    onviously nit trichhy dear bcoz as far as the infrastructure wise warangal is not even in top 100 colleges in india now u can imagine which cllg to choose

  24. what nonsense absolute common sense the best best institution are not included . bheja gaya hai?

  25. BIT, Ranchi is the best…

  26. i think BIT, Ranchi is the best

  27. what about srm university

  28. kya haggi list hai baap…..
    no IIT powai, no NIT trichy, No bits………

    kauhn idiot ye list bana raha tha aur kaun isse print kar raha hai???????????????

  29. abey yeh list banane vaale lunduoo yeh amity kahan se aagya..tumne paise khakar banaye hai yeh list jo yahan par amity likh diya

  30. ye kya mazaak chal rha he??
    Please Update the list!

  31. list is not gud as so many colleges did not take park in rankings procedure

  32. himani arora Says:

    bits-pilani kahan gaya??????? kam se survey to dhang ka ho tumhara ,wo bhi nahin hain

  33. Chinmay Rane Says:

    Where is IIIT Hyderabad????
    Its d best in Aieee Institutes…….
    Totally Manipulated List!!!!!

  34. what a bull shit none of the top college s like bits,pilani are there and one point this ranking doesnt consider colleges from north india such as SWAMI KESHVANAND INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY,JAIPUR famously known as SKIT,JAIPUR which is the top most private engineering college in northern insia what a bull shit this is… please someone remind dataquest of pair play..

  35. nit kurukshetra ……..f@@k guys how can u evn cmplete d list widout it…..pis list is d most unreliable one on net….plz dont b misguided

  36. prashant shukla Says:

    total bekaar list hain just fo…..

  37. you are rite. i support ur motion

  38. ekdum faltoo list hai.paise khilake banvayee hai

  39. where’s NIT kurkshetra and please don’t tell me that it is not among one of the top 50 engineering colleges….

  40. Harish Singh Says:

    Yes, NIT CALICUT is the best.
    Others are writing in frustration.
    Guys chill, you are FAIL noe

  41. Archit Ahlawat Says:

    Why isn’t PEC n DCE not even on d list??? This is SHOCKING!!!

  42. The colleges that haven’t participated for the survey will not be there in the list. So, IIT, mumbai and Bits , Pilani are not there.

  43. hello where is college of engg,guindy???!!! it is one among top 10 engg colleges in india….

  44. sowi..harish..dis..ws..nt..4..u..bt..who…publishd…is..list

  45. sudhakar yadav Says:

    Sir what about Annamalai university????
    On wht basis u made this list??

  46. sudhakar yadav Says:

    No i can’t believe..

  47. Salman Khan Says:

    The list is accurate. Only some colls like DCE, BITS PILANI are missing.

  48. my aieee rank is 145771 which collage will i get in this list


  50. where is bits pilani, bugger ,this list is trash…

  51. are yaar ye kaisi list hai isme iit powai to hai hi nai becoz they opted to not to participate in this fake raking

  52. engg student Says:

    where is RVCE and BMSCE colleges in bangalore

  53. wat about bit’s pilani..n…. IIT Mumbai??????
    The list is worst????

  54. well well well……….
    this list is absolutely fine and very precise…..
    creating nuisance will hardly matter……..so all u guys saying crap abt the list….??fuch off

  55. Even MVSR and Sree Nidhi and MJ colleges are not specified. They are the best engineering colleges in A.P.

  56. Thanks yaar,
    A good College matter, i believe but you yourself should have talent.
    Guy, work hard and reach the TOP
    they u will matter , not yr college…

  57. Thanks Sandy
    you are Boss..

  58. abhe kya bakwa list h maharaja surajmal kaha se a gya,abhe kitne paise khae h tnhe,itni bakwas list h ye DCE aur NIT kurukshetra ka nam kaun dalega pta nhi galgotia jaise cllege ke nam dal diya jisme to bache jata bhi nhi h unki 50% seats to management me jati h.thia list is all bullshit

  59. Why Obama lies about educational reforms??
    You can still buy your college papers here. Low Prices, Custom written for you. Custom Writing Service

  60. These type of surveys by Dataquest and Outlook are total nonsense. Look at IIT Kharaghpur in the top! Even otherwise these surveys are totally useless and create incorrect data in the minds of young aspirants (rather kids) who want to get in. If I can give a simple survey it is as follows
    Top 5 IITs (the old ones Bombay,Delhi,Kanpur,Kharaghpur and Madras…alphabetical order). Infact in these Kharaghpur is the last and the other 4 are equally good. So depending on which part of India I reside in, I will choose to go into one of them if I had the choice. So I studied in IIT Madras almost 3 decades ago. I would not have gone to any other IIT but I will not demean the top4 and not even KGP IIT.
    Next must some of the sufficiently established IITs meaning Roorkee (it was just a renamed stuff..and old Roorkeans are not IITians whatever be it) and Guwahati followed by the BITs and IT BHU and Dhanbad not in that order. BITs did not use JEE so it is a different category.
    After that it is the various RECs (now called NITs) but the preference depends on the city I live in. I would not venture to Warangal even if someone ranked it better than Trichy if I was from TN and I might only choose Suratkal if I am from Karnataka. So Rourkela is not bad if I am a Oriya guy. I will respect a Rourkela NIT guy on par with a Suratkal or Warangal or Trichy guy. The ratings are nonsense among most of these though I knew in my times places like Nagpur kept rowdies on their call sheet often!
    Now in places like TN, the local Guindy was always preferred to NIT Trichy. After this second list there may be a few famous ones like Punjab Engg college or Delhi Engg College but those are mostly locally famous like Guindy.
    Once this is finished the rest are not worth comparing.
    To be fair, forget about me as you might call me to be a different generation; but my son would be given the same preference by me for sure. If he gets into one of those IITs (not the new one in AP or one of those stuff), the top 4 he takes it. Invariably that means he will get IIT Madras since they all close similarly. The next option ends up as NIT Trichy or Suratkal (I live in Bangalore) following which it is any damn college in Bangalore.
    So this sort of a long list is just a journalistic gimmick and dont fall prey to it. If you live in Ranchi and you dont the top 4 IITs and in your case should be Kanpur or Delhi, then go to BITs Ranchi. Forget the ratings. THey dont mean a thing.
    Life is much beyond ranks, branches, and so on. Learn to enjoy it.

  61. Hello, to start with I want to tell you that I love your blog. Great post, I totally agree with you. Have a good day maty.

  62. great engineer Says:




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  65. These list of colleges can be helpful. You can even include the collges listed in My College This can also be used as reference.

  66. IITian ne theek kaha
    ye sab ranking wanking me dimag lgane se achha hai ki u do smthng good urself

    I mean, I kno sm ppl in these colleges who r engineers just by name… i also kno sm guys frm private colleges who are much more intelligent n hardworking…
    jyadatar in rankings par rone waale un “bade” colleges k hi hote hain jinhe padhna nhi hota
    hostel k rum pe net ata hai toh collg ki ranking dekh k hi khush hote rhte hain… jaise khud ne hi college banaya hai..

  67. nit surathkal aur nit trichy kaha gaya u ranked calicut as 9 th and every body knows that nit surathkal and nit trichy are far better than nit calicut dont post these types of fake ranking

  68. because it is also the best IIT college IN INDIA it has best faculties and infrastructure..

  69. This a little bit funny. I found your site via search engine a few moment ago, and luckily, this is the only information I was looking for the last hours.

  70. GITAM is a useless college, the standards are poor. though the college is very old, still the college is substandard

  71. cant digest this rubbish. no iit mum, no bits pilani. seems dat u dickheads got a lot of money by ambani and vit group!

  72. avinash vaish(IIIT) Says:

    this is nothing but chutiyapa
    are these people fool….or what???
    this is shere nuisance !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Guys why can’t people share their college reviews here http://www.collegespeaks.com to have a fair opinion of college than some fake ranking

  74. never heard of GITAM..what is it?

  75. Lolz..Chitkara?! :P nice name btw.

  76. I request the LOSERS not to post the names of their LOSER colleges.

    Posting them here wont get them into the top 50 anyhow..

    So just digest the value of ur college somehow and keep your mouth shut.

  77. bund wich le lo list, maayiyaaveyon!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Friends,
    Regarding the engineering colleges the rank may be changing and for the updated list of colleges just follow the link below


  79. Deepanshu Wadhwa Says:

    Hello friends ,
    Can i know how much i have to score in AIEEE for selection in Galgotia college of Engineering

  80. arey bhen ki choot , saalon chitkara ki auks hai itni, jab pec ( baap ) nahi hai to tatti kahan se hogi .. lol

  81. 104

  82. how is amity university for btech

  83. just cum n visit nit warangal….and after that give ur opinion

  84. dis looks a bit funny…no bits/iit mumbai in top 10…nit calicut above trichi and warangal…crazy actually…

  85. where the hell is jaypee university????????????????

  86. 120 marks

  87. no its not lyk dat????????//

  88. helli!!!
    oriental college bhopal sucks… its not even in top 5ooo collgs f india…..
    this list is the biggest joke ever

  89. Sorry to be upfront but do you mind telling your readers about my blog as it covers a similar topic? If so, for how much? :) Thanks!

  90. keep ur eyes open oss.its on no.7
    it desesrves a lot to be in top 10

  91. mannnn….which coll do u belong to.seems u are a commerce stud on this blog.boss DAIICT is a very gud coll.As of VIT…u are right.i don’t knw how it is figuring even in top 30

  92. i think after three decades even an iit ians heads get summat corroded.pl keep in touch wid the latest.i see that IIIT-H and NIT-W aren’t worth it in ur choleric eyes.Naxaliites have dissappeared from warangal back when YSR reddy wiped them from AP.Lol..

  93. which is the best college in maharashtra

  94. Dear Editor Data Quest
    IIT Bombay, BITS Pilani are left over because you consider them not fit in top 50 colleges in India.
    Congratulations a “good” job done by your ability.

  95. SRM is better than most NITs and other private colleges..it’s almost in proximity to IITs!!

  96. bakwaas list nahi hai actually yeh funny list hai.no bits,no dce,no nit kurushetra,no some iits inspite they show thapar in top 15.ye list kissi maansik rogi ne banayi hai ya kissi andhe ne.par kuch bhi ho maza jaroor aaya is list ko padh ke kam se kam time paas hi ho gaya.hhhhhhaaaaaaahhhaaaaaa

  97. kaushal kumar Says:

    i have got aieee air-32000 catg(obc)-6470.whitch colleges can i get through ccb counceiling in branches -ECE ME EE CIVIL CSE.

  98. what about NIT trichy?????…………

  99. I can’t believe I had to even COME to this site to see the freaking ranking.Where’s IIT Bombay?Where’s BITS Pilani?Where’s NIT Trichy?Paisa to diya hi hai,lekin no one can really put a private college ahead of an IIT(and one of the best IITs at that!).It’ll destroy the credibility of the rankink system.I just think it’s a goddamn mistake.The whole thing is a big mess.Hope someone clears it up

  100. Forget SRM,man.I’m from Mumbai,but I’m also a native Tamil and I know a lot about SRM and VIT.I got selected in both.Proximity to IIT?Better than NIT?Keep dreaming man.If anything can come close to IIT it’s BITS Pilani.NIT Trichy is way,way,WAY better than SRM.And if IIT Bombay,BITS and NIT Trichy can’t make it to the list,then WHAT THE HELL ARE WE FIGHTING OVER?The whole ranking is a joke.I think we should go home and forget about it

  101. Look closely.I think you’ll find that Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Institute of Technology(NSIT) is on the list.It’s the same as Delhi College of Engineering.

  102. same here.Never heard of GITAM

  103. Saurabh Sharma Says:

    Bro….are u an ass or what??.. SKIT is for bloody loosers, right?.. as probably u are.

  104. gand phad dunga Says:

    bhag bhosdi k aandhi aai madarchod hai list banane vaala

  105. That was great information. You did a good job communicating your message. Keep up the great job.

  106. maa ke choot amity ke……..randikhana hai amity

  107. himani m frm bits pilani……..

  108. amity sucks

  109. I don’t understand how Cameroon could have lost. That was a quick exit. I just assumed that they had a great opportunity to do well in this years world cup. I guess I will have to wait. Maybe its time to jump on the Argentina bandwagon. Looks like Demichelis has already scored. Go Argentina. To make me feel a little better from that by Cameroon, I have been listening to some funny jokes.. Here is a good one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3j7uSbccSc

  110. My brother got ECE in Guwahati and NIT-warangal..which is the best..

  111. any body there

  112. hello …. this is not correct list
    so plz change it…..

  113. It is a pity that morons want to evaluate IITians heads. Anyway if he goes to a mutton shop and buys brains and thinks that will make his brain increase that is what it means by comparing IIIT whether H, B or anything with an IIT. It is like comparing NIIT with IIT. IIIT is a slur on the IIT tag as much as NIIT tried it. As for NIT-W, it is certainly not a bad college even in those times, but one should remember, any donkey can go to an IIIT, but you need to get a competitive exam based rank to get into IIT.
    I dont know what YSR did with naxals, but certainly he is yet letting buffoons like you exist on this board. Cheers.

  114. wo to tere bolne ke dhang se pata chal raha hai tu kis college me padhta hai

  115. saale madarchod behanchod bhadwechod,,chuth ke kahtole,,aisa chodenge ki do saal tk lagatar baccha dega harami9 sale iit bombay ko apni gaand mein ghused liy6a kya??aur nit trichy mein apni biwiko chudwaya tha jo uska naam nhi diya??bhonsdiwale dar madarcghati…..

  116. now NIT Agartala in top 30….

  117. NIT Agartala is the best coll among all NIT’s

  118. its in hyderabad

  119. no aieee, its in uptu

  120. you stupid dumbass fucker. start reading a little more before you mouth off in the future.

    ”Note: The ranks of the institutes given above are according to a survey conducted by DataQuest 2008. Only those institutes which have participated in the survey are ranked here. For example, IIT Bombay has not participated in the survey hence not shown in the list.”

    idiot chuthiya

  121. sir this list of top 50 engineering colleges, don’t make any sense.IIT powai is left out which is now arguably the best IIT in India. Moreover many reputed colleges like Jamia Millia Islamia are left out while some not so good colleges like Galgotia,Amity etc. are included in this list.This list is very misleading for the students.

  122. Who the fuck do ya think you are? Can’t u use civil language?
    Where’s your bleeding culture,goddamnit? Can’t see any evidence of wanting to reply in your stupid message. Anyway,if IIT-B,NITT and BITS didn’t participate in the ranking,the ranking is worth less than nothing,to me at the very least….People who visit the site,beware:A lot of foulmouthed vermin also make their way here

  123. wat is gitam???

  124. wat is bannari amman instutute of technology??

  125. hey where is MANIT BHOPAL

  126. Hi, Thank you for the information site in aol. The article is very professionally written. I enjoy reading good url!.

  127. Hi, where is college of engineering ,guindy in the list .It is one of best top 10 college in india…

  128. madarchod panimalar kahaka rendikhana hai be?naam bhi nahi suna.

  129. SJCE and RVCE are the most preferred colleges in karnataka.both are equally reputed.both are not in the list!!!

  130. akshay ka baap Says:

    maharaja surajmal whi se aya h bhen ke lund jaha se tu paida hua tha. bhosdi waale!



  132. The engineering colleges rankings in India been published multiple times, by a few different magazines. Similar to the rankings provided by U.S. News & World Report, Indian engineering schools are annually ranked by Mint, Outlook, India Today, Dataquest,The Times of India and Electronics For You.
    Some of the top engineering colleges that feature in almost all ranking systems are (in no particular order):
    MIT, Manipal
    IIT Kanpur
    VIT University
    IIT Kharagpur
    IIT Bombay
    IIT Delhi
    IIT Madras
    IIT Guwahati
    IIT Roorkee
    IIIT Hyderabad
    Punjab Engineering College
    IIIT Allahabad
    Indian Institute of Science
    ISM Dhanbad
    BIT Mesra
    College of Engineering,Guindy,Anna University
    PSG College of Technology
    NIT Trichy
    NIT Karnataka
    NIT Warangal
    BITS Pilani
    NIT Allahabad
    Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology
    Jadavpur University
    Delhi College of Engineering (Now DTU), Delhi
    Bengal Engineering College Now, Bengal Engineering and Science University
    NIT Bhopal
    NIT Calicut
    NIT Rourkela
    NIT Jaipur
    NIT Hamirpur
    MN-NIT Allahabad
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