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About IIT-Delhi, Mathematics and Computing (MCA)

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I am Nancy Verma and I passed out from IIT Delhi, MCA branch last year. My journey was tough during my 5 year stay at IIT but at the same time I had fun at IIT. Presently I am doing MS Finance from a university in US. I got a call from 100Percentile team and was asked to share some facts and experiences about MCA branch at IIT Delhi. My first reaction was “I would love to do that”. I still remember how curious and confused I was when I passed from IIT six years back. But proper counseling and guidance makes a difference. So I would love to share my experience at Delhi campus.

Mathematics and Computing department is an interdisciplinary department oriented mainly towards mathematics and a bit towards computer science.


Curriculum has almost all kinds of mathematics courses, both applied and pure mathematics. Many of them are core (compulsory) courses and one has a choice for a lot of varied elective (not compulsory) courses as well. Mathematics that you study here is not the same as you have done in 11th or 12th class. Pure mathematics (Abstract) courses are completely different from what you have done so far.

Some of the mathematics courses are:
· Statistical methods and algorithms
· Multivariable calculus and matrix theory
· Real and complex analysis
· Numerical methods and computation
· Differential equations
· Optimization methods and applications
· Probability and stochastic processes
· Linear algebra
· Topology and functional analysis
· Applied mathematical techniques
· Computational methods for differential equations
· Finite element theory and its applications
· Modern algebra
· Non-linear optimization

A student also gets a sufficient exposure (not a complete and a thorough exposure) to computer science and electrical engineering (same as electronics at other colleges than IITs) courses. Good thing about this is that one can choose more electives from computer science or electrical engineering courses if one has developed a strong interest in them. Thus, you can have a minor concentration in computer science (CS) or electrical engineering (EE).

The negative point thing is that same courses (with the same content) are offered separately in mathematics, computer science and electrical engineering department. Mathematics students end up doing them in their department only. But the same course might be taught in the other department (CS or EE) by a better faculty and hence the overall quality of course might be better in the other department.

Following are some computer science and electrical engineering courses done by mathematics students:

· Introduction to computers & programming
· Data structures
· Discrete mathematical structures
· Design & analysis of algorithms
· File structures
· Software engineering
· Supercomputing for engineering applications
· Programming languages
· Operating systems
· Neural Networks
· Digital Image Processing
· Digital electronic circuits
· Computer architecture
· Signals and systems
· Computer graphics
· Computer Networks

The coding assignment work in some of the computer science courses will enable students to have experience in programming languages like C, C++, JAVA.


Faculty is just about average with the exception of a few very good professors. There are 2-3 very renowned professors but their courses appeal to hardly 10% of the students. The program is more famous for its curriculum than the professors. That’s why one should make an efficient use of their electives and take good courses in other departments (CS or EE) with good professors.

Job Prospects:

Job prospects are excellent. The program is one of the favorites among many employers specially investment banks like Citibank, Bank of America, Lehman Brothers etc.

Students can always find jobs in IT sector as they have experience in coding through their course assignments and internships. Mathematics students always face tough competition from computer science students in this sector but still students have managed good jobs in the past few years.

Many jobs are exclusively available to computer science, electrical and mathematics students only.

It is also favored a lot in finance* sector. So, overall from job point of view it is one of the best programs.

Negative Points

It’s a 5 year course and it is not very useful to do 5 year courses at IITs.

A 5-year course is not recommended for students interested in MBA or MS abroad later. The department might not be suitable for students who are sure about doing MBA later though mathematics knowledge will help them in a few MBA-finance (MBA with concentration in Finance) courses. But overall 5-years and curriculum of the program is not recommended for MBA.

Some of the core courses are abstract which are also quite hard to study and understand. These courses are not applied and hence can be uninteresting for students.

Courses can be boring and students might find them impractical if they don’t have an interest in mathematics.

Comparison to other departments at IIT Delhi

· It is definitely ranked below computer science and electrical engineering at IIT Delhi as they have better faculty and quality of students. Still, it is among top 5 programs at IIT Delhi.

· Mathematics (like physics) is a complete science subject and hence courses are a bit harder as compared to other departments.

JEE Rank Required

Definitely top 1000. Last year closing rank was 749.

Who should take it ?

· One who has an interest in mathematics is bound to enjoy many courses offered by the department (some of the abstract courses can be exception to this).

· One who wants a bit of exposure to everything-maths, computer science, programming etc. It will give you many varied options afterwards.

Who should not take it ?

· One who is not very fond of mathematics and computer science.

· One who is not fond of programming.

· One who is sure about doing a MBA or MS abroad later.

Comparison to the same program at other IITs

· Other IITs offer 5-year Msc degree as compared to MTech degree at IIT Delhi. It will make a significant difference when it comes to jobs in India as MSc degree is less favored both among students and employers in India. This also explains why opening and closing ranks in other IITs for mathematics and computing is way behind than that of Delhi.

· Curriculum-wise, Mathematics and Computing at other IITs should be equivalent with minor changes. Specifically, for students going abroad to pursue higher studies, it won’t make a difference whether you are from Delhi or KGP (Kharagpur) or Kanpur provided you have a respectable GPA and have done good projects.

· For jobs in firms which hire for international offices (very few actually and depends mainly on how global economy is doing), they also don’t distinguish between Delhi and other IITs program. But this also depends on whether firms go to other IITs for recruiting.as Kanpur and Kharagpur have location disadvantages as compared to Delhi (Capital, major city in India, now near to Gurgaon, Noida etc. where it is much easier to find a job as compared to Kharagpur or Kanpur).

* MBA and finance both are very broad areas. They are essentially not the same things but there is some overlapping of course.

-Nancy Verma
-Pursuing MS in Finance
-Passed out in 2007 from MCA, Delhi

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100 Responses to “About IIT-Delhi, Mathematics and Computing (MCA)”

  1. recpected sir,
    Please send IIT-ME entrance exams old question papers for BE electronics and communication engineering students to my email id.Also please send ‘what is meant by integration and differentiation with examples?’.

  2. Good Post Nancy

  3. Good Post Nancy [[as usual, copying from Anil ;) ]]

  4. Achal Premi Says:

    HI Nancy
    Nice post, would definitely answer all the possible queries bubbling in minds of JEE crackers. btw i need a piece of advise from you.
    I am Achal , 4th year student , MCA, IIT Delhi
    I am very passionate about studying in US after the completion of my degree.

    I want to pursue the same course you are doing.
    Can you advise me how should plan my course structure and what other essentials I should take care of given that I still have 2 years before the completion of the degree

    Achal Premi

  5. Hello Nancy,

    Some views on the above course are good but I definitely would beg to differ a bit when you say that the course is not suited for those planning to take up MBA in future.

    I believe it is the most suited course for those planning to take up MBA later even if the stream chosen in MBA is other than Finance. Why?- One will surely understand the application of mathematics when one goes through courses such as Operations/Project Management, Marketing Research, Decision Making etc (non-finance courses).

    —-Arihant Kothari
    —-MSc(Maths & Computing), MBA(Finance & IT)

  6. Achal Premi Says:

    Hi Arihant,
    I am impressed by your comments and your invaluable.
    btw I am a 4th year student of Integrated M.Tech, Mathematics and Computing, IIT Delhi

    Your qualifications say MBA in Finance & IT.
    Can you tell me how do I do this
    I mean i am good at maths and passionate about the IT industry too.

    Plz guide me in pursuing my passion.
    I still have 2 years left before the completion of Integrated Mtech. So this is an ideal time for me to start looking for future.

  7. Hello Achal,

    I will be glad to guide in whatever way I can. For that I would like to know your academic likes and dislikes.

    Can you please fill in some details on the contact us form at our website http://www.outsorcerer.com

    This website has a number of student virtual assistants like you which can open an entire gamut of opportunities……but first and foremost thing is guiding you out.

    Make sure you mention your requirements, academic likes and dislikes (related to mathematics and computer science) and mention my name- Arihant Kothari along with this website’s name so that I know that you are best helped.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

    —-Arihant Kothari

  8. Ritesh Chaturvedi Says:

    Could u pls guide me how to crack MCA in IIT.
    I m BCA first sem Student in Lucknow. Is MCA only available in Roorkee?

  9. sir i pass out Bachelor of Arts without mathematics, can i get opportunity to study MCA course? please reply me as soon as possible.

  10. Hi Nancy,
    Interesting to note that you’re doing an MS in Finance in the US, having passed out of MCA in 2002. I was a student of this programme, from the last batch that was called “M.Sc.” instead of “M.Tech.”, and we had our non-Maths courses in other depts like Elec and Comp. Sc.
    I am interested in doing a masters related to quant finance, and am presently preparing for the FRM (Financial Risk Manager) certification exam conducted by GARP. This is to find an entry-level job in finance and try to save up money to do a full-fledged masters in quant finance. Since you’re doing something similar, I wanted to get an idea about which are the best places to apply, and whether or not it is possible to apply for an educational loan. I believe the loan cap from banks like SBI is 20 Lakhs, and that is insufficient to pay for tuition fees + living expenses in a place like LSE, which has about 17300 pounds as its fees for MSc Financial Maths and 21600 pounds for the regular MSc Finance. Plus, living expenses at LSE are substantial. I think I should be able to get a couple of academic recommendations from IIT-D and maybe a couple more from PhDs in the professional sector. As of now, I was thinking of trying to land a job first and try to save enough for a quant-related masters in finance at LSE or one of the US univs if that doesn’t work out. I had a bad GPA in my MCA programme, but have a couple of research publications from my professional work exp, and will be able to arrange recos as mentioned. I was wondering if I could forego the initial work ex in finance and apply right away. My exp so far has been partly in research and partly in coding, and my tech resume isn’t going anywhere, and that is part of the reason for my intention to shift into finance. What do you think are my best options?
    Thanks and regards,
    – Dev.

  11. Yes MCA is only avaliable in IIT Roorkee. I don’t thnik IIT Delhi offer MCA.

  12. hiiiii
    can any plz tell mail me which books to refer to crack IIT MCA entrence

  13. Arihant Kothari Says:

    Hello Adwait,

    It depends upon your qualification, if you are a Mathematics Honours or Major student the entrance examination should be a cakewalk. While if you are a commerce student and good at english, you may need some extra labour to hone your mathematical skills.

    Being both good in english and mathematics is a rare combination and only top 5-7 rankers are generally seen who have an above average english and mathematics score.

    —-Arihant Kothari

  14. mam…i am vikrant tyagi…2nd year BCA student….am fond of programing….but avg. in maths..as i had passed my +2 without mathematics…however am studying it as a compulsory subject in BCA…would u suggest me to go 4 MCA from iit….???

  15. yeah…….rajesh is right……….i think the title of the post attracts lots of noise in this thread…… take care while using slangs that are used only in iit & are misnomers outside :(

  16. Arihant Kothari Says:

    Hello Vikrant,

    Though programming and mathematics both call for logic and there is a high correlationship between them it is ok if you clear MCA entrance exams by putting some extra effort in mathematics.

    Entrance exam questions of institutes of repute ensure that you dont have problems later incase you are selected.

    If IITs dont demand mathematics at +2 level, its worth giving IIT MCA entrance.

    —-Arihant Kothari

  17. gurpreet singh Says:

    i am preparing for iit mca and i complete my course almost.can anybody plz tell me or mail me some books which are useful or help to crack iit mca exam.

  18. gurpreet singh Says:

    i am preparing for iit mca and i complete my course almost.can anybody plz tell me or mail me some books which are useful or help to crack iit mca exam.
    email id: gurpreetlucky87@gmail.com

  19. Rajiv Puri Says:

    which companies selected students from this prog at IIT delhi in 2008 and 2009 and what were the packages offered for jobs with them. Grateful if anybody can provide information on the above please.

  20. Arihant Kothari Says:

    Hello Rajiv,

    Please do not go by recent campus placements recently for this course.

    This course is relatively new and is yet to build up reputation that older courses at IIT Delhi or for that matter any of the IITs offer.

    Another reason for not going for placements is the recent economic recession affecting financial services and software firms where most of its students were placed.

    Having said that, this course is really powerful in terms of its course structure and if presented properly students of this course can give students of various engg courses good competition. Some examples include – Mechanical Engg (Mechanics of Solids, Numerical Methods, Fluid Mechanics, Magnetohydrodynamics etc), Metallurgical Engg ( Mathematical Modeling), Computer Sc & Engg (Usual computer courses), Electronics Engg ( Digital Circuits, Computer Networks, VLSI System Design), Industrial Engg ( Industrial Statistics), MBA Marketing( Data Analysis, Marketing Research), MBA Finance (Financial Modeling).

    Not sure of how will be the scenario when you pass out but one thing is for sure this course can give you a headstart in any field you desire. Yes even in fields such as Bioinformatics and Accountancy.

    The key is planning your course of action and doing a bit extra during study since this course does not give you hard core specializations to choose in the final year as of date.

    (Note: An appeal to professors if they could offer specializations along with this course. For example- MSc(Maths & Computing) – Bioinformatics, MSc(Maths & Computing) – Financial Engineering, MSc(Maths & Computing)- Industrial Engg & Project Management etc)

    —-Arihant Kothari
    —-MSc(Maths & Computing), ISM Dhanbad

  21. Arihant Kothari Says:

    Hi Rajiv,

    Please read my comments below. Hope this should help you.

    —-Arihant Kothari
    —-MSc(Maths & Computing), ISM Dhanbad

  22. Good points. I agree with you.

  23. Arihant Kothari Says:

    Thanks Nancy. This course is really good in terms of course content and the only issue is application orientation which the students have to gear themselves on their own since the faculties for these courses yet do not have much industry experience.

    What do you say?

  24. Yes, I agree. But we should also realize that spoon feeding is only upto 12th class/JEE. After that, you are on your own. So, one should really put effort in talking to seniors, research all the options. Like I mentioned in the write-up, there might be some good professor in CS/EE department teaching the same course. So, you should put that extra effort in finding out professors and take their courses.
    Also, I think if you do all the applied mathematics courses well and build your base well in these 5 years, you can pick up on areas like Industrial Engg & Project Management,
    Bioinformatics on your own.

  25. Arihant Kothari Says:

    Very true. If you study the applied mathematics courses well, MBA or MS from India/Abroad is actually not required.

    The issue now is industry recognition, if you can highlight relevant courses/projects that you’ve taken (industry specific) in your resume, getting the first job will not be a major issue.

    —-Arihant Kothari
    —-MSc(Maths & Computing), ISM Dhanbad

  26. reply it

  27. genius_chap Says:

    well sons of bitches this is not mca (masters in computers applications) but mathematics & computing… stop posting u bca teenagers..

  28. Your webLog is excellent. I m gonna read all, thank you. Keep working on it.

  29. Very interesting post I love your site keep up the good articles

  30. i am doing my B sc in computer science. Now i am going to promote to final year. How can i do the MCA in iit-. What are the entrance examinations , ihave to appear , please guide me and if you supply the syllabus of that exam than i wiil greate ful to you.

  31. hi……
    i agree your commnet.
    i have done mca from IP university ,delhi. i have done six months industrial training in dot net using asp.net and c#. im still searching for job. kindly suggest my request and give some tips.

  32. Hi,can not find your article too long – a little more depth would be good.

  33. We need men who can dream of things that never were.

  34. I’m fresh at this place & I have needed to tell hello to you all =D

    I have been following this site for quite some time and it looked as a really nice place to be a part of.

  35. Rahul Ritesh Says:

    Hey Guys!!!
    Well Nancy missed one of the Mathematics & Computing offering IIT. Its IIT Guwahati which is the one & only college in India to offer a B.Tech degree in this stream. The course structure is almost the same and also you get good exposure to the outside world through various visiting professors and exchange programme.

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  38. I am student of iit guwahati doing msc in mathematics and computing. I am in 3rd semister. I want to do internship. So please tell me the procedure.

    with best regards
    nitin chouhan

  39. anchit gupta Says:

    Hello Nancy

    I am expecting 500-800 rank in IIT-JEE 2010 and am interested in mathematics.
    Would like to take mathematics and computing
    Keeping in mind the various factors like overall environment ,faculty,job placement prospects etc. which institute i should choose.

    thanks in anticipation
    anchit gupta

  40. hi,
    im a first yr chemical engg student of IITGN. Im interested in maths and cs. I want to knw hw useful wud mca be fr a chem engg student if i take a minors in it?
    wat kind of jobs wud 1 get in dat case?
    thanks and regards,

  41. Maybe, I am not agree with your point of your posts,but I like your website style.Good luck!

  42. pls send me information for mca in iit-delhi
    like how many sheets available

  43. Delhi, Kanpur, Kgp, Guwahati, Roorkee

  44. You should talk to your seniors about how to get internships.

  45. Thanks for reminding. I guess it has been added recently in past few years.

  46. Rahul Ritesh Says:

    Wel, yes. It was introduced in the year 2006 only.

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  50. Thank you for taking this opportunity to talk about this, I really feel fervently about this and I benefit from studying about this subject. If possible, as you acquire information, please add to this blog with new information. I’ve discovered it extremely useful.

  51. Aw, this was a really good post. In principle I’d like to jot down like this too – taking time and real effort to make an excellent article… but what can I say… I procrastinate alot and by no means appear to get anything executed

  52. I’ve been bookmarking them for a while now and just decided to create a post to provide them to others…I really love to read articles that have good information and ideas to share to each reader.

  53. I want to ask you that I had done M.Sc(Mathematics)from Punjab in 2007.I want to study in AMERICA.I want to ask you can I do MS Finance from america.Is there any scope for that.

  54. NITESH KUMAR Says:


  55. Anirudh B. Says:

    what is the rank range to get mathematics n computing at iit guwahati?

  56. Arihant Kothari Says:

    This course can do wonders the day you learn to apply what you’ve learnt in your course tenure.

  57. Ankit yadav Says:

    Im a student of nit warangal..
    branch EEE..gave jee this time and hope to get mathematics and computing in iitd this time..
    quite in a delimna..
    ny suggestions..!!!

  58. Choose it only if u r very sure that it is advanced mathematics that u want to do in the future. Dont think right now that you will be doing something else after passing the 5 years. It is a very negative thought to start with. And beleive me, the 5 years would be really tough for you then. If you have such thoughts in mind,then it would be better to go with more conventional and 4 year courses in streams like in Civil or Chemical Engineering. Your future plans would be more broad then.

  59. pranshu anand Says:

    Thanx for your valuable advice, Nancy!
    My AIR is 2755
    & i’m planning to opt for 5-year dual degree courses @ IT-BHU
    namely: CS & Mathematics and computing.

    which one would be better?

    I would also like to know the difference btw 5-year M.Tech.
    integrated course & 5-year M.Tech. dual-degree course.

    if u have other suggestions pls. do guide me.


  60. mathematics and computing 4 yrs is offered by IIT guwahati. it is full of students passionate about what they are studying and is equipped with a great faculty and most decent computing labs!

  61. you are awesome nancy..

  62. please send me about iit mca enterence test and its papers

  63. please give me some quation papers of iit mca enterse test

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  88. prayas jain Says:

    pls guide me
    i got 480 rank in jee 2012 and i m very fond of mathematics. So at this rank should i opt MCA at delhi or go for mechanical at bombay or any other branch.
    (pls rpy as soon as possible since i have my councelling dates very near)

  89. DILIP NATH Says:

    my daughter has AIR 2243( G )in 2012.She will get 5year M.Sc in M&C in K.Pur but it is not B.Teh hence I am not allowing her to opt as it is a simple degree of M.Sc and job prospect in india is not good . Will you please suggest me what she should opt on this rank in estblished old ITT ?

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  91. divya varshney Says:

    hello sir,

    am doing my Bca. How can i do the MCA in iit-. What are the entrance examinations , ihave to appear , please guide me and if you supply the syllabus of that exam than i wiil greate ful to you…..

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